Shade Life Care

Pain Management and Physiotherapy Center
Special Child Caring Center And Medical Service
  • Physiotherapy & Pain Management
    Treats health problems leading to different types of pains.
  • Special Child Programme
    Diet & Physical Therapy for Autistic, Down syndrome Children
  • Other Services
    Individual & Corporate Health Package, Medical Campaigns...

Business Profile

Shade Life Care pain management & medical service started its journey in 2013. Initially it started with Physiotherapy and pain management. Based on positive feedbacks from valued customers, it gradually added its different wings for spreading its services for fulfilling the needs of the community. These include home services for pain management, diet therapy, special child care and corporate packages.

Shade Life Care also has two other sister concerns. These are Art & Soul and Shade Legal Service. Both Art & Soul and Shade Legal focus on the social and community needs. Art and Soul is an art gallery and art training center for all ages and Shade Legal provides legal services.

CEO’s message:

Message from Mr. Khairul Muquim
Chief Executive Officer,
Shade Life Care; Art&Soul; Shade Legal Service

CEO’s Vision- To provide innovative and holistic services to help our community through best possible outcomes in health and lifestyle, Art and creative thinking and to support their legal needs; to be a recognized and preferred health provider of choice within Bangladesh and to encourage our children with creative thinking.

Our Services

Shade Life Care focuses on bringing a new approach to well being with a combined and balanced solution ensuring simple and easy ways to prevent and treat health problems leading to different types of pains. Pain and disability leads to depression which can affect our day to day work and family life. Nowadays many of us are exposed to musculoskeletal disorders due to ignorance and lack of proper and timely treatment, which sometimes leads to permanent disability. Proper physiotherapy and nutrition counseling combined with regular physical workout can be one of the most effective methods to prevent or cure many life threatening illness/diseases.

Physiotherapy & Pain Management
Special Child Programme
Other Package

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