Business History

Shade Life Care carries an interesting history related to its founder Khairul Muquim. Few years back, he was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition called Myofascial Pain. Initially, when the pain started it, was very difficult for the doctors to understand the reason and in the process, his journey towards understanding pain started. He gradually educated himself about pain by reading, visiting doctors within the country and abroad. He had to go through many kinds of treatment plans which included Acupuncture, Dry Needle, Trigger point release, etc. Till today, his journey is continuing however with time and dedication he successfully manages his pain condition and has gradually overcome the day to day challenge. During his journey he realized that in our country people need better pain management solutions which would include awareness programs along with holistic treatment plans and counseling. It is this realization that made him take the initiative of opening Shade Life Care in 2013.

Values of SLC

1.Core Values of Shade Life Care (SLC):

  1. ) Honesty – At Shade Life Care, we are true to our patients and ourselves.
  2. ) Experience – Shade Life Care promotes positive experience in everything we do. Life is meant to be enjoyed; we love coming to work each day and aim to create an enjoyable space where you are encouraged to succeed.
  3. ) Attitude – At Shade Life Care, we understand the benefits of a positive attitude towards creating an inspirational and motivational atmosphere to improve patient centered outcomes.
  4. ) Leadership – Shade Life care’s goal is to become one of the leaders in the health and wellness industry through our dedicated services and core values.
  5. ) Teamwork – Shade Life Care understands that the members of a successful team motivates each other to reach desired outcomes. Team refers to family, friends, sporting groups, workplaces and health service providers, which all play a pivotal role in success. We work together, laugh together, exercise together and most importantly, grow together.
  6. ) Health – Our focus is to promote health awareness for our community and beyond.