Art & Soul

“Art & Soul’s vision is to help our children and young adults discover an appropriate platform to develop and utilize their creative and innovative skills. This would help them have a positive view over life and be more confident while facing and overcoming challenges in more creative ways".

Our Journey

Art & Soul started its journey in March 2013. Art and Soul already arraged a few Art Exhibitions and Children Art Competitions. Art & Soul was established with the goal of promoting art.

Our overall view to support our vision will reflect in three of our major initiatives:

  1. Art training centre: Arranges different types of art classes with a clear focus on covering elementary, intermediate and advanced art forms. This also introduces children to famous artists and their art work.
  2. Gallery: In order to promote art, we arrange exhibitions of different types of art works starting from struggling artists to established artists. Besides paintings, our gallery also promotes sculpture and other forms of art related to our culture and country such as Jamdani Sari, Pottery, Glass Paint etc. The Gallery is committed to promoting art by arranging art competition for different age groups and themes.
  3. Art production centre: Our team is working to develop exclusive collection items under our production scheme.

We'd like to highlight the followings that we plan to arrange in the future:

  1. Help art students participate in many international painting exhibitions/competitions.
  2. Cultural events to promote our own art and culture.
  3. Educational/recreation events for children.
  4. Library facility for children to promote reading.


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