Shade Life Care’s Services

Shade Life Care focuses on bringing a new approach to well being with a combined and balanced solution ensuring simple and easy ways to prevent and treat health problems leading to different types of pains.

Pain and disability leads to depression which can affect our day to day work and family life. Nowadays many of us are exposed to musculoskeletal disorders due to ignorance and lack of proper and timely treatment, which sometimes leads to permanent disability. Proper physiotherapy and nutrition counseling combined with regular physical workout can work as one of the most effective methods to prevent and cure many life threatening illnesses/diseases.

At present, many of us are leading sedentary lives which slowly develops heart diseases, hypertension, kidney diseases, diabetes, obesity or even unexplained pain in our body. They also face numerous side effects from medicines.

Considering these potential risks we have taken the initiative to design the following programs which may be suitable for you.

  1. Bone and muscle pain treatment package.
  2. Individual Diet and Physiotherapy for addressing obesity or other diseases due to diabetes, pregnancy, age, hypertension, pre and post operation, exercise nutrition plan) etc.
  3. Child Health Development Program.
  4. Nutrition, Physiotherapy and speech therapy for special child (including Autistic children).
  5. Corrective diet and workout plan
  6. Group Counseling on diabetes.
  7. Corporate Combo Solution including physiotherapy, diet therapy, workout plan, posture counseling and Ergonomics.
  8. Special awareness program for Ramadan for diabetic individuals.
  9. Pre and post Hajj fitness package including diet, physiotherapy and physical workout plan.
  10. Special Home Package for Paralyzed patients.


Benefits of Physiotherapy:
  1. Faster muscle recovery
  2. Effective with chronic pain management
  3. Faster surgical recovery
  4. Improves Sleep Pattern
  5. Reduces Stress and anxiety