Shade Legal Service

While starting a business or involving with a wide variety of business organizations and individuals, you need to have a solid support in order to protect yourself, your customers and other parties you are involved with.

Shade Legal Service focuses on preventive and curative legal measures. In this regard, we'd like to provide with the following services:

  1. Awareness through training and workshop.
  2. Legal advise.
  3. Legal opinion.
  4. Preparation of legal documents.
  5. Legal research.

Our harassment legal service is available in:

Employment issues-

It is important to have a proper and lawfully covered contract with your employer in order to avoid any unnecessary hassle in an organization. Being unaware of rights, duties and responsibilities may sometimes give rise to legal issues, which can be easily prevented by acquiring required knowledge. One of the most crucial and sensitive issues in an organization is harassment. Awareness and taking proper actions are very effective steps to prevent it in an organization.

Contractual issues-

Contract is a vital step for any business relationship; therefore it is absolutely required to execute a contract, lawfully and legally. A contract must have clauses which are lawfully enforceable and also which will safeguard the organization.

Local, National and International Regulatory Issues-

Every organization is obliged to follow local, national and international (if necessary) legal requirements. Failure to do this may give rise to legal suits and sometimes, the organization is forced to cease trading. Shade Legal Service also deals with Family matters (succession inheritance, gift and marriage) and Land & Real estate issues, which involves examining land documents in order to identify and establish the true ownership of the land, transfer of flats, mutation, power of attorney, affidavit etc.