Shade Life Special Child ,Caring Center

A Comprehensive approach for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental disabilities.

Our goal is to work with children with disabilities and disadvantages and make sure that they are included in the society with equal rights, opportunities and dignity within the protective environment.

Our Services For Special Children:

1. Child Development Clinic/Shishu Bikash Clinic:

Assessment, Diagnosis, Management, Medical and therapeutic intervention by multi-professional approach.

2. Distant Training Package(Train the trainers):

Training is offered through pictorial training booklets to the parents and care-givers residing in remote areas where no services for children with disabilities exist. Distant Training Package has been developed focusing on the following areas:

  • Nutrition concept
  • Food concept
  • Motor skills
  • Speech & language
  • Cognitive
  • Social & self help skill, daily living activities
  • Packages for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Counseling (Parents/Family)


    3. Education:

    • Special Education:

      Special Child Caring Center for intellectual challenges such as Cerebral Palsy (CP), Autism Spectrum Disorder and Multiple disabilities i.e Neuro-Developmental Disorders.

    • Mother Child Stimulation Program:

      Focusing on the mothers of such children and training them on how to handle and manage their child at home.

    • Pre-class and Primary Education:

      Special Child Caring Center Pre-class for Physical, Psychological, Emotional and Moral development with different ages. The programs are flexible according to individual children’s need for Special Care.

    • Food / Snack / Lunch Program:

      Disabled children are dependent on healthy, balanced food/meal which will be monitored through our programs.

    • Medical, Therapy and other support :

      The range of professionals working with children with special needs and disabilities:

      • Caring nurse
      • Visiting doctor
      • Physiotherapists
      • Speech and language therapists
      • Psychiatric support


    4. Special Child (Autistic, Down syndrome etc) Diet Counseling and Physiotherapy:


    Diet Therapy for Special Children: Since the development of autism is based on dysregulation of inflammation, it is essential to identify the foods that are contributing to this. This important research about allergenic proteins has changed the lives of many children with developmental disorders. All relate to the digestive tract. Removing gluten and casein can benefit children. Our experts can assist Special Children with proper diet therapy.


    Physical Therapy for Special Children: Physical therapy may be an option for children with autism who need help developing age-appropriate motor skills, have low muscle tone, or have problems with physical systems such as breathing control. Older autistic children can also benefit from carefully constructed exercise programs, which may be led by a physical therapist. As with other autism therapies the goal of physical therapy will be determined on an individual basis with the input of parents, physicians, and other members of the autism treatment team. We also practice something known as 'family-centered care' which focuses on counseling the parents of Special Children.

    5. Practical Areas:
    1. Art, Science, food, technology and designed technology.
    2. Performing arts: Music, movement and drama.

    6.Library facilities in Caring Center.

    7.Other Support Programme :

    1. Special Child Club.
    2. Sports.
    3. Awareness program/Field Trips.

    8.Advocacy and Networking:

    Meeting, media, networking, educational linking programme and conferences .